Dear Attorneys,

This is to advise that Professional Audio Laboratories, with over 1,700 trials' experience, can assist with any litigation involving tape-recorded evidence. We have gained much insight into the most effective use of tapes working with Strike Forces and Offices of the United States Attorney, as well as the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice over the past 33 years.

We routinely enhance, redact, duplicate, examine, transcribe, and present at trial tape-recorded evidence produced by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enforcement Administration, Customs, Secret Service, Immigration and Naturalization Service, Internal Revenue Service, Securities and Exchange Commission, Federal Aviation Administration, Coast Guard, as well as many state and local law-enforcement agencies from coast to coast using state of the art equipment and techniques developed by P.A.L. engineers to provide the clearest possible presentation of tape-recorded conversations at hearings and trials. We have worked on tapes involved in misdemeanor cases to capital murder cases coast to coast.

Working for the Department of Justice, at the F.B.I. lab in Quantico, we produced enhanced tapes and complete transcripts of conversations recorded from within the Branch Davidian compound at Waco, demonstrating that the fires which destroyed the compound were set from within.

After completing a complete examination of the tapes in the so-called World Trade II case (United States v. Rahman), we clarified the Texaco tapes, and examined the White House “coffee tapes” for the United State Senate. Our security clearance is TOP SECRET and our clients include the intelligence community. We are currently doing a study for the National Archives to determine the feasibility of retrieving the 18 minutes of erased conversation from the Nixon Watergate tape.

As a favor for the F.B.I. we located, and downloaded conversations from a multi-channel 24-hour tape provided by a foreign government within several hours. The official letter of thanks from the Special Agent in Charge of the New York F.B.I. office was ample payment. More recently we received a telephone call from the case agent in a recent heroin case for which we enhanced original undercover tapes. He said “because of your enhancement we not only convicted the perpetrator but we also indicted two more individuals whose names we didn’t have previously”.

In addition to law enforcement, we also provide support to Fortune 500 firms involved in litigation involving tape-recorded evidence. These cases range from employee labor disputes, to investigations by governmental bodies. Our experience allows us to best advise you with respect to the best way to proceed when tapes are involved. Our clients include ALCOA, Coca Cola, United Parcel Service, and Texaco and a number of international banks.

Our services include the following:

1. ENHANCEMENT of audio and videotaped evidence. We've done it longest, and we simply do it best. That's why we continually enhance tapes for all Federal investigative agencies using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. And now, with state-of-the-art digital processing we know that our enhanced copies are the clearest, most intelligible that can be produced, regardless of the format or speed of the original tape, from consumer microcassettes, to the real “James Bond toys” currently being utilized in intelligence operations. We have optimized our enhancement equipment for each of the various tape formats being used in the field.

Digital recordings are our specialty

2. EXAMINATION of taped evidence to determine authenticity and continuity to refute claims of tampering, erasures, etc. We can perform complete electronic examinations of tape-recorded evidence and provide supporting expert testimony at trial using specialized laboratory equipment and techniques.

3. DICTAPHONE MULTI-CHANNEL LOGGER TAPES can now be scanned automatically by computer to yield a print-out of dates, times, and channels of calls to specific telephone numbers. No more looking for a needle in a haystack. Useful for financial investigations.

Also, using proprietary software, we can now duplicate Dictaphone logger tapes, and download various channels for use during investigations. We have equipment to play back Dictaphone multi-channel reel and DAT tapes of all formats from 4-channel to 60-channel.

4. DUPLICATION of tapes for review, transcription, and discovery. Incidentally, our high speed duplication equipment has been modified to filter offending hum and noise, if necessary; something you won't find elsewhere.

5. REDACTION of tape copies for efficient presentation of selected relevant portions of conversations.

6. TRANSCRIPTION of tapes using our specially designed speech enhancement equipment so as to ensure that transcripts are as accurate and complete as possible. Foreign language tapes can also be accommodated.

7. REPAIR of accidentally damaged tapes. Occasionally a tape, usually a cassette or micro-cassette jams and breaks. Our expert "electronic surgical team" can repair damaged tapes and fully document the operation. We have complete evidence-handling facilities, including evidence safe, heat-seal evidence envelopes and labels to preserve chain of custody for all tapes.

8. EXPERT TESTIMONY on all phases of electronic surveillance and tape-recorded evidence. Court-qualified on over 165 occasions in 26 Federal districts, as well as in Canada. Paul Ginsberg is a true graduate engineer with 28 years of experience and a reputation for being independent and objective.

9. VIDEOTAPE DUPLICATION with sound-track enhancement so as to provide the best possible tapes for you at hearings and trials.

10. PRESENTATION OF TAPES at proceedings, as well as for review by witnesses and attorneys during litigation preparation using the finest enhancement equipment available.

In addition to the above we have acquired expertise in working with multi-channel tapes used by police departments and brokerage firms for long-term recording of telephone lines and two-way radio communications. Enhanced cassette copies of selected conversations can be produced for use in litigation should these conversations become pertinent to your case.

Feel free to duplicate and distribute our “Prosecutor’s Guide to the Use of Audio Taped Evidentiary Material” as you see fit. Hopefully the insights and tips gained after 1,700 trials spanning 33 years will be useful.

Our reputation and experience speak for themselves. Independent, qualified, professional and trusted, with quick turn-around of evidence…the ideal electronic forensic lab to provide the best support, from a single tape case, to a multi-tape complex conspiracy Title III case. Our job is to make every tape case go more smoothly. We look forward to assisting with your next tape case.

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