Private Litigants

I often receive calls from individuals asking whether I can assist with their personal recordings in the same way that I clarify conversations recorded by law enforcement agencies and large corporations.

The answer is…most certainly. Cases from individuals include custody disputes, matrimonial situations, harassment and discrimination recordings, accident investigations, and business recordings.

Whatever the reason for recording a conversation, it is essential to present the clearest, most audible playback for the decision-makers, whether they are judge, jury, labor mediator, or employer. Our enhancement software is identical to that used by Federal Government forensic laboratories, and, with 33 years of experience, you can be confident that we will provide you with the clearest, most intelligible recordings possible, with complete confidentiality.

From microcassette, to cassette, to digital recording, we can digitally enhance, and produce the most intelligible CD’s for presentation on your behalf, and, if necessary, with supporting expert testimony.

Please call or email so that we can offer you the best support in this area.


Paul Ginsberg, President
Professional Audio Laboratories, Inc

Recording Tips Using Digital Recorders

1. Always use fresh batteries before a recording

2. Set the recording quality to HQ for maximum intelligibility

3. Disable the voice activation mode (VOX) so no whispers are lost

4. Record a preamble including date, time, location and anticipated particpant

5. After the meeting record a post script with the same information

6. After the recording contact P.A.L. for assistance in state-of-the-art digital             

    enhancement and handling of the evidence

7. Good luck

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