Do You Know…                   

Who the Central Intelligence Agency called to evaluate its sound processing system?

Who the Federal Bureau of Investigation called to locate and download conversations from a foreign government’s multi-channel tape?

Who was retained by the Department of Justice to enhance and transcribe the F.B.I. bug tapes at Waco, and to render expert testimony at trial for their admission?

Who was the sole electronics expert to testify at U.S. v. Rahman, (world Trade II terrorist trial), called twice by both Government and defense?

Who designed and constructed a system to detect and download hundreds of telephone calls to selected telephone numbers from a U.S. Dept. of Prisons 40-channel tape….in two weeks?

Who designed a system to successfully unscramble an encrypted international telephone call between heroin dealers in connection with a Federal prosecution?

Who designed a system to disguise the voices of confidential informants for testimony at labor hearing while preserving confidentiality?

Who recovered 22 minutes of additional conversation recorded by murdered teacher, providing additional information about murderer?

Who digitally enhanced recordings made by Texaco executives to demonstrate that conversations did not contain racial slurs?

Who the United States Senate retained to examine authenticity of White House recordings?

Who digitally enhances, and examines recordings, from microcassettes, to sophisticated digital recordings produced by virtually all federal law enforcement agencies, including F.B.I., Customs, D.E.A., I.R.S., S.E.C., and A.T.F.?

Who lectures to prosecutors and law enforcement agents from coast to coast on the best way to gather and utilize electronic surveillance evidence?

Who has participated in over 1,650 trials in 28 Federal districts and Canada?

Who has been court-qualified as expert on more than 165 occasions in 28 Federal districts and in Canada?

Who CNN invites to discuss tapes, surveillance and communications systems on its various programs, and who has been featured in various newspapers and magazines and TV shows?

Who is the most experienced, qualified, respected engineering expert in the field of tape-recorded evidence?

Paul Ginsberg, President, Professional Audio Laboratories, Inc. That’s who…

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