Company Overview

  • Expert Testimony on All Phases of Recorded Evidence
  • Forensic Examination of Tapes for Authenticity and Continuity
  • Digital State-of-the-art Enhancement of Audio and Videotapes
  • Redaction of Privileged and Non-Pertinent Portions of Recordings
  • Transcription of Critical Recordings and Transcript Verification
  • Downloading of Multi-Channel Logger Recordings
  • High-Speed Duplication with Enhancement
  • Speed-Correction, Repair, and Restoration of Damaged Recordings

.....Paul Ginsberg is widely accepted as the most qualified and renowned expert in the field of tape-recorded evidence. With Bachelors and Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering and 33 years experience, Mr. Ginsberg has participated in well over 1,700 trials and has testified on over 170 occasions in 27 federal districts as well as in Canada. Mr. Ginsberg has TOP SECRET clearance and was the sole tape expert in the Branch Davidian trial at Waco, as well as in the World Trade Bombing Case II. More recently he digitally enhanced the Texaco tapes, and was retained by the U.S. Senate to examine the White House "coffee" tapes for authenticity.

.....Mr. Ginsberg has been profiled in numerous publications, and has appeared on C.N.N. and various news talk shows. He has participated in seminars sponsored by M.I.T. Lincoln Laboratories and Bell Telephone Laboratories in the area of enhancement of electronic signals, and was invited to lecture to federal technical law enforcement agents about how to best use electronic surveillance and successfully gather tape-recorded evidence at the national meeting of N.A.T.I.A. (National Technical Investigators Association).

.....Mr. Ginsberg authored "A Prosecutor's Guide to the Use of Audio Taped Evidentiary Material" and "An Agent's Guide to the Use of Audio Taped Evidentiary Material" and is a member of the I.E.E.E., S.B.E., A.E.S., and A.B.F.E.

.....Professional Audio Laboratories regularly enhances and examines tapes for the U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Attorneys Offices, Antitrust Division, F.B.I., S.E.C., D.E.A., Customs, I.R.S., Secret Service, A.T.F., I.N.S., the intelligence community, foreign governments, state and local governments, law firms, Fortune 500 companies, and civil litigants from coast to coast. Special projects include unscrambling encrypted tapes, neutralizing voice-changers, and design of a system to automatically detect and catalog telephone numbers dialed on 60 channel Dictaphone 911 logger tapes.

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