Services We Provide:

1. ENHANCEMENT of audio and video-taped evidence. We've done it longest, and we simply do it best. That's why we continually enhance tapes for all Federal investigative agencies using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. And now, with PCAP digital processing we know that our enhanced copies are the clearest, most intelligible that can be produced, regardless of the format or speed of the original tape

2. EXAMINATION of taped evidence to determine authenticity and continuity to refute claims of tampering, erasures, etc. We can perform complete electronic examinations of tape-recorded evidence and provide supporting expert testimony at trial.

3. DICTAPHONE LOGGER TAPES can now be scanned automatically by computer to yield a print-out of dates, times, and channels of calls to specific telephone numbers. No more looking for a needle in a haystack. Useful for financial investigations.

4. DUPLICATION of tapes for review, transcription, and discovery. Incidentally, our high speed duplication equipment has been modified to filter offending hum and noise, if necessary; something you won't find elsewhere.

5. REDACTION of tape copies for efficient presentation of selected relevant portions of conversations.

6. TRANSCRIPTION of tapes using our specially designed speech enhancement equipment so as to ensure that transcripts are as accurate and complete as possible. Foreign language tapes can also be accommodated.

7. REPAIR of accidentally damaged tapes. Occasionally a tape, usually a cassette or micro-cassette jams and breaks. Our expert "electronic surgical team" can repair damaged tapes and fully document the operation. We have complete evidence-handling facilities, including evidence safe, heat-seal evidence envelopes and labels to preserve chain of custody for all tapes.

8. EXPERT TESTIMONY on all phases of electronic surveillance and tape-recorded evidence. Court-qualified on over 160 occasions in 25 Federal districts, as well as in Canada.

9. VIDEOTAPE DUPLICATION with sound-track enhancement so as to provide the best possible tapes for you at hearings and trials.

10. PRESENTATION OF TAPES at proceedings, as well as for review or transcription.

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